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Service Instructions

If you wish to file a Civil Remedy Notice of Insurer Violations pursuant to section 624.155, Florida Statutes (2021), please visit the following website:

If you wish to file a Notice of Intent to Initiate Litigation relating to a property insurance policy pursuant to section 627.70152, Florida Statutes (2021), please visit the following website:

If you wish to file a Notice of Claim pursuant to section 768.28, Florida Statutes (2021), please visit the following website:


Pursuant to section 48.151(3), Florida Statutes (2021), all authorized insurers (insurance companies) registered to do business in the state of Florida are required to designate the Chief Financial Officer of Florida as their statutory Registered Agent for service of process. These processes (summons and complaints or subpoenas) may be delivered to the Department by our online portal (LSOP) ONLY. We do not accept service via U.S. mail, process server, email or fax.

The Chief Financial Officer is not required to act as registered agent for insurance agencies or insurance groups.


Please follow these instructions:

  • Find the online portal at
  • First-time users must register and create an account by clicking the button “New Plaintiff or Legal Representative” under the Registration title on the left side of the page.
  • To serve a new process, click on “New Packet.” Fill out all information at the bottom of the page in the “Packet Detail” section.
  • To search for an insurance company, click on the field labeled “Click here to open the search panel.” Search for the insurance company in the “Company Name” field and click on “Search.” Choose the correct company from the search results. Make sure to reference the declarations page on the insurance policy to confirm the legal name of the insurance company. If you are unsure about the correct legal name of the underwriting company, please check with the Secretary of State, Division of Corporations, at, or the Office of Insurance Regulation website at to search for an insurer’s name.
  • Click “Save Packet Information.” The DFS-SOP# will be assigned after the packet is saved.  
  • After the packet has been saved successfully, indicate the Document Type of the document(s) to be served by choosing the correct option in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page. If you choose “Other” as your document type, you must enter a description of the document in the comment field beneath the Document Type dropdown menu.
  • The documents uploaded must contain the court case number.
  • Next, upload the document(s) to be served by clicking on the “Browse Files (Max 50MB)” button and selecting the documents from your computer. Once the files have been selected, click “File Upload Finish” at the bottom right of the page. This will save the uploaded document(s) to the packet.
  • To complete the submission of the total packet, check the checkbox next to the DFS_SOP# and click the “Add to Basket” button. Then click the “Check Out” button.
  • Select the desired payment type and click on “Pay Now” when completed.
  • The fee will be $15.00 if paid by e-check and $15.55 if paid by credit card.
  • The FAQ page, available at, is an additional resource for questions about serving documents via our online portal.

You may call the Office of General Counsel, Legal Service of Process section, at (850) 413-4200.


As the statutory Registered Agent for service of process on insurance companies, the DFS Legal Service of Process section accepts service of the summons and complaint and/or subpoenas. This office will not accept any pre-suit notices, pre-suit correspondence, or any subsequent filings, pleadings, and documents following the initial service, unless ordered by a court pursuant to Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.080. Such documents received after the initial service will not be forwarded to insurers or returned to the sender.

An insurance company’s time to respond to the process begins when the insurer receives the process from the Chief Financial Officer, not when the process is originally served on the Chief Financial Officer. Section 624.423(2), Florida Statutes (2021).

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