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Fire Instructor I

(Certificate of Competency)


(Revision Date December 20, 2020)

Overview: There are three levels of Instructor Certification

To qualify for certification as a Fire Instructor I, the applicant shall:

  • Have a minimum of six-years’ experience as a regular member of an organized fire department.
  • FCDICE course history must document the successful completion of the Fire Service Course Delivery class (not less than 45 hours duration) or submit an Approved Course Equivalency Request for this course.
  • Documentation of high school graduation or equivalent.
  • Physical ability to perform the tasks associated with the training.
  • Submit the Fire Instructor I Application for Certification on FCDICE online or by mail (Form DFS-K4-1451 PDF)
  • Pay the current application fee
  • Successfully complete the Instructor I State Written Examination with a score of 70%or greater.

Fire Instructor I, II , and III Overview

Fire Service Instructors Certification Requirements and Renewal


  • A Fire Service Instructor must be affiliated with at least one Training Provider and becertified by the Bureau to any course which leads to any certification by the Bureauor is awarded continuing education units (CEUs).
  • Prior to the first time a Fire Service Instructor teaches an approved course for aTraining Provider, the certified Fire Service Instructor or Training Provider mustsubmit an Instructor Approval Request to the Bureau (via FCDICE) for thereview/approval of the certified Fire Service Instructor to teach the approved course.


(Effective July 1, 2013, certification courses must appear on student's Course History at or submit for course equivalency)

Additional Information for certification:

Florida Statutes (FS)/Florida Administrative Code (FAC)

Renewal Required


Renewal Requirements


  1. Fire Service Instructor Certification must be renewed every 4 years.
  2. Should the applicant fail to meet the prerequisite training requirements specifiedbelow for renewal, the applicant must qualify for and successfully pass therequired state examination for the instructor certification requested.
  3. The Bureau shall notify the certified Fire Service Instructor that the applicant’s certification is duefor renewal approximately 90 days prior to the expiration of the Fire ServiceInstructor Certification.
  4. The certified Fire Service Instructor shall submit the renewal application on FCDICE online or mail FormDFS-K4-1463 (rev. 06/12), which is incorporated by reference in Rule 69A37.039, F.A.C., and can be obtained where indicated in Rule 69A-37.039, F.A.C.,to the Bureau specifying whether the renewal is to be based on completion of acourse or attendance at workshops or seminars.
    • a. Course – Have successfully completed approved course(s) of instructionin a curriculum related to instructor improvement.
      • i. This course shall be 40 class hours in duration or the equivalent inContinuing Education Units (CEU’s).
      • ii. At least 4 of the 40 hours must consist of education or trainingrelated to Understanding the contents of Rules Chapter 69A-37 or69A-39, F.A.C., and FCDICE.
      • iii. Documentation verifying the successful completion of the course,such as a certificate or college transcript, shall be included with therenewal application.
    • b. Workshops or Seminars – In the absence of completion of an approvedcourse, the certification renewal shall be based upon attendance at aworkshop or seminar related to the subject of certification which shall be acumulative total of not less than 40 contact hours in duration.
  5. Any person whose certification is not renewed cannot function as an instructor asdefined herein.
  6. Any person whose certification is expired shall obtain the required continuingeducation credits and successfully retake the examination before the certificationwill be re-issued.

Probation and Revocation of Fire Service Instructor Certification information is found at 69A-39, F.A.C.


Not Required

Task Book


Test Required


For testing information, review the PearsonVue Candidate Handbook and PearsonVue Exam Content Outline
Application Fee $30.00

(Renewal Fee $15.00)

Apply for Examination Log in to FCDICE Student Portal

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