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Course Equivalency Process

Purpose:  It is the intent of the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training (BFST) to recognize the equivalency of training received by individuals desiring to become certified under Florida Statute and Florida Administrative Code

Note:  Effective July 1, 2013, certification courses must appear on the student's Course History at to be used towards certifications or renewals, if not, course equivalency needs to be submitted.

  • If classes were taken after July 1, 2013 and do not appear on the student's Course History, applicants are required to submit for course equivalency.
  • Certificates and/or college transcripts for classes taken prior to July 1, 2013 and do not appear on the student's Course History will be reviewed for acceptance.

Authority: Florida Statute 633.432: Purpose of Fire College and 69A-37.065, F.A.C. Firefighters Standards and Training: Programs of Study and Vocational Courses.

Process: Course Equivalency is an individual course evaluation conducted for the purpose of making a determination of similar course outcomes and objectives; comparing courses approved by the BFST with courses offered by other institutions.

Applicants who wish to request a Course Equivalency evaluation shall complete the appropriate worksheet and attach the requested information in the order it appears on the worksheet.

Please note that BFST will not evaluate a Course Equivalency Request until ALL of the required information has been submitted.


Course Equivalency Requests are processed during the last week of each month. Course Equivalency Requests received after the 20th of the month   will be processed the following month!

Upon completion of a Course Equivalency Evaluation, the BFST Training Section shall email the result to the applicant.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to maintain a copy of the Course Equivalency Approval Determination.

When submitting an Application for Certification through BFST’s online database (FCDICE), applicants are required to upload all supporting documentation, including proof of each Course Equivalency Approval Determination.

To access the Course Equivalency Worksheet, select the desired BFST Course for the applicable Certification



Fire Safety Inspector 1

Fire Safety Inspector 2

Fire Code Administrator

Applicable Certification
BFST1505 Fire Prevention PracticesInspector 1
BFST1510 Codes and StandardsInspector 1
BFST1540 Private Fire Protection Systems IInspector 1
BFST2120 Building Construction for the Fire ServiceInspector 1
BFST2521 Construction Documents and Plans ReviewInspector 1
BFST2111 Fire ChemistryInspector 2
BFST2541 Private Fire Protection Systems IIInspector 2
BFST2770 Ethical and Legal Issues in the Fire ServiceInspector 2
BFST1793 Fire & Lifesafety Educator I OR BFST2706 Public Information OfficerInspector 2
BFST2770 Legal and Ethical Issues in the Fire ServiceFire Code Administrator
BFST3533 Community Risk Reduction for the Fire and Emergency ServicesFire Code Administrator
BFST3780 Analytical Approaches to Public Fire ProtectionFire Code Administrator
BFST4045 Personnel Management for the Fire ServiceFire Code Administrator
BFST4585 Fire Prevention Organization and ManagementFire Code Administrator




Fire Service Instructor 1

Fire Service Instructor 2

Fire Service Instructor 3

Applicable Certification
BFST1740 Fire Service Course DeliveryInstructor 1, 2, 3
BFST2741 Fire Service Course DesignInstructor 2, 3

BFST16701 Florida Training Manager

Due to the content of this course (FL Statute, FL Administrative Code and FCDICE), an equivalency review does not apply to this course.

Instructor 3




Fire & Life Safety Educator 1

Fire & Life Safety Educator 2

Applicable Certification
BFST1793 Fire & Lifesafety Educator IF&LSE 1, 2
BFST1793 Fire & Lifesafety Educator IIF&LSE 2




Health and Safety Officer

Incident Safety Officer

Applicable Certification
BFST6741 Florida Health and Safety OfficerHSO
BFST6742 Incident Safety OfficerISO
BFST7529 Legal Issues for Safety OfficerISO