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Portfolio Program for current Fire Investigator II's

For individuals currently holding a Florida Fire Investigator II Certificate of Competency issued by the Division, the Division shall issue a Fire Investigator Certificate of Competency if the applicant:

  • Is a certified firefighter, certified law enforcement officer, law enforcement crime scene technician (as evidenced by employment verification), or certified firesafety inspector
  • Submits the completed Fire Investigator Portfolio or completed Fire Investigator Task Book
  • Submits the completed Application for Fire Investigator

Fire Investigator Portfolio Form DFS-K4-2175 PDF or DFS-K4-2171 Word

Fire Investigator Task Book Form DFS-K4-2171 PDF or DFS-K4-2171 Word

Application for Fire Investigator on FCDICE online or by mail Form DFS-K4-1438 PDF | DFS-K4-1438 Word