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Live Fire Training Instructor II

(Certificate of Competency)


(Revision Date March 12, 2019)

Overview: To provide a process for certifying and recertifying individuals conducting live fire training evolutions, and ensure all activities are conducted in safe facilities and the exposure to health and safety hazards for the firefighters involved and receiving the training is minimized. Live fire training is intended to provide the safest and best experience possible under both realistic and controlled circumstances.

To be certified as a LFTI 2 in the State of Florida, an individual must:

  • Be a certified LFTI;
  • Be approved by the Master Trainer of a Florida State Certified Training Center;
  • Successfully complete a required Task Book;
  • Teach an LFTI course as a lead instructor under the supervision of a certified LFTI 2.

There is no exam for this certification.


Live Fire Instructor Definitions and Roles

LFTI Definitions and Roles  IMPORTANT!!

LFTI Certification and Renewal Requirements overview



Additional Information for certification:

Florida Statutes (FS)/Florida Administrative Code (FAC)

Renewal Required


Renewal Requirements

For quadrennial renewal of LFTI 2, an individual shall complete an application on-lineand pay a FEE for the certification applied.

A person is required to complete 8 hours ofTrain the Trainer, Refresher Updates, or any course approved by the Bureau of FireStandards and Training for the LFTI 2, and must submit the Verification of Participation in Live Fire Training form  indicating:

1) Participation as a primary instructor, IIC or SO; and

2) Participation as a member of a crew supervising students involving interior andexterior fire evolutions; during the “four year” renewal period on a fully compliant live firetraining exercise.


Not Required

Test Required


Application Fee $30.00

(Renewal Fee $15.00)

Apply for Examination Log in to FCDICE Student Portal

Applicable towards the following National Accreditation(s):

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