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Firesafety Inspector II

(Certificate of Competency)


(Revision Date June 8, 2021)


To be certified as a Firesafety Inspector II, an individual must be certified as a Firesafety Inspector I in the State of Florida and must successfully complete 135 hours of certification training for Firesafety Inspector II which must be documented on the Fire Inspector II Task Book (DFS-K4-2204 PDF) along with all other supporting documents.

Three 45-hour courses listed below are required for certification. The courses are offered at the Florida State Fire College, Universities and Colleges, and through many Approved Training Providers. 

Renewal Required


Renewal Requirements

Successful Renewal of Fire Inspector I Certificate of Compliance


Not required

Task Book

Firesafety Inspector II Task Book DFS-K4-2204 PDF

Firesafety Inspector II Task Book DFS-K4-2204 Word

The Inspector II Task Book provides the applicant an opportunity to demonstrate key job performance requirements while working in their respective organization. This task book is an evaluative tool designed to document that a candidate has demonstrated certain requisite skills required to meet a specific NFPA 1031 job performance requirement. Selected skill objectives in the task book are a supplement to the student learning outcomes and objectives met by successfully completing the Inspector II program curriculum. The applicant is responsible for the maintenance, completion, and submission of this document, including obtaining the required signatures.

Test Required

Not Required

Apply for Examination Log in to FCDICE Student Portal

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