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Fire Code Administrator

(Certificate of Competency)


(Revision Date May 10, 2021)

Overview:  The Fire Code Administrator Certification is based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1037, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Marshal (2016 Edition).

There are two methods available for a qualified applicant to obtain Fire Code Administrator Certification. Individuals should evaluate their eligibility and utilize one of the following options as set forth in paragraph 69A-39.005(2) (d), F.A.C.:

Applicants should evaluate their eligibility as set forth in paragraph 69A-39.005(2) (d) F.A.C. and submit Form DFS-K4-2085 “Application for Fire Code Administrator Certification” to the Bureau:

  • Applicants using Option A – Direct Program Delivery shall complete Section A and Section B of Form DFS-K4-2085 “Application for Fire Code Administrator Certification” along with a copy of course completion certificates or official academic transcript that lists required courses.
  • Applicants using Option B – Management Option, shall complete Section A and Section C of DFS-K4-2085 “Application for Fire Code Administrator Certification”. The applicant shall include dates of employment on Form DFS-K4-2085 and attach a copy of job description or attach a letter of attestation from the individual’s employer with dates of employment and description of job duties.

Submit the "Application for Fire Code Administrator" and all supporting documentation on FCDICE online or mail:

Fire Code Administrator Application:  DFS-K4-2085 PDF or DFS-K4-2085 Word

Fire Code Administrator Program Overview

Fire Code Administrator - Requirements

Renewal Required


A Firesafety Inspector and Fire Code Administrator Certification, unless renewed, expires four (4) years after the issuance, reissuance, or last renewal date of the certificate, whichever date is later. Certification as a Fire Code Administrator or reissuance or renewal of that certification shall also renew the Firesafety Inspector I, II, or III Certification required by Rule 69A-39.005, F.A.C.


Renewal Requirements

To renew a Firesafety Inspector I Certification or Fire Code Administrator Certification, an applicant must:

a. Successfully complete, during the four-year period before the certificate’s expiration date, at least 54 hours of continuing education in courses, workshops, or seminars approved by the Bureau, which relate to fire prevention, code enforcement, fire protection, fire dynamics, building construction, plan review, public education, leadership, fire prevention management, community risk reduction, ethics, fire investigation, or other areas related to fire prevention.

b. Submit, before the certificate’s expiration date, Form DFS-K4-1463, Certification Renewal Application (Inspector/Instructor), which is incorporated by reference in subsection 69A-37.039(2), F.A.C., and can be obtained where indicated in subsection 69A-37.039(1), F.A.C., to the Bureau. The form must be fully completed and must verify successful completion of the requirements set forth in sub-subparagraph 69A-37.039(5)(a)2.a., F.A.C. Acceptable forms of verification include copies of certificates or certified college transcripts and records of course completion maintained in the Bureau’s database for continuing education.


Not Required

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Application Fee $30.00
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