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Health and Safety Officer

(Certificate of Completion)


(Revision Date February 15, 2015)

To receive the Health and Safety Officer Certificate of Completion, the applicant shall:

  • Successfully complete 90-hours of training; each course shall be no less than 45-hours "Legal Issues for Safety Officers" and "Florida Health and Safety Officer"; and
  • Possess an active Firefighter Certificate of Compliance issued by the Division or have met the curriculum requirements for Firefighter Part I as defined in subsection 69A-37.055(1), F.A.C.; and
  • Submit the required “Application for Health and Safety Officer Certificate of Completion” and "Health and Safety Officer Task Book" on FCDICE online or mail
  • Complete the co-requisite course titled, “Courage to be Safe” or a course determined by the Division to be equivalent.

Application for Health and Safety Officer DFS-K4-2140 PDF or DFS-K4-2140

Task Book for Health and Safety Officer DFS-K4-2138 PDF or DFS-K4-2138 Word


(Effective July 1, 2013, certification courses must appear on student's Course History at or submit for course equivalency)

Additional Information for certification:

Florida Statutes (FS)/Florida Administrative Code (FAC)

Renewal Required


Renewal Requirements



Not Required

Task Book

Task Book for Health and Safety Officer DFS-K4-2138 PDF or DFS-K4-2138 Word

Test Required


Application Fee $30.00

(4-Yr. Renewal Fee $15.00)

Apply for Examination Log in to FCDICE Student Portal

Applicable towards the following National Accreditation(s):

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