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FLUSAR Technician Level for Vehicle Machinery - 40 Hours

Course Description

The Vehicle and Machinery Rescue Technician course will provide the knowledge and skills of heavy vehicle and machinery extrication that meet the NFPA 1670 requirements. The student will gain the knowledge on how to work with heavy lift bags, high, medium and low-pressure bags, plasma torches, oxy-acetylene torches, and exothermic torches. Students will estimate the weight of a vehicle as well as the features of different materials used in the construction of vehicles and machinery. Students also learn how to save equipment and lives by utilizing “lock out/tag out” systems and effective techniques for dismantling machinery; and how to safely disentangle victims of machinery accidents. Practical application of all VMR skills will be applied by the student to safely extricate victims through evolutions that are complex and require technical knowledge.



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Florida Statutes (FS)/Florida Administrative Code (FAC)

Task Book

Vehicle & Machinery Technician Task Book (PDF Format) DFS-K4-2157

Vehicle & Machinery Technician Task Book DFS-K4-2157 Word

Instructor Provided Class Equipment List FLUSAR VEHICLE AND MACHINERY RESCUE


Rope Rescue Operations Level &

 Personnel who are members of a Florida State sponsored US&R team who are to be trained to the Technician Level for Vehicle & Machinery, must have understanding of NFPA 1670 8-3 Vehicle & Machinery Operations Level prior to starting the Technician level training. At a successful completion of the Technician level, the candidate will have an understanding of the functions and developments of NFPA 1670 8.8.

Florida Urban Search and Rescue System Information

Florida Urban Search and Rescue System will conduct operations at technical rescue incidents safely and effectively based on hazard analysis, risk assessment, training level of personnel, and availability of internal and external resources.



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