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Collateral Management

Welcome to the Florida Treasury's Bureau of Collateral Management ("BCM"). This website is your portal to the functions of our office. BCM specializes in the administration of assets such as cash, certificates of deposit, letters of credit, and marketable securities that are deposited with or pledged to BCM for safekeeping. These collateral assets are required of banks, trust companies, insurance companies and other parties by state agencies and other Florida governmental units as a condition of doing business in Florida. BCM is Florida's collateral management service provider under Section 17.59, Florida Statutes ("F.S.") and BCM also administers Florida's public deposits program under Chapter 280, F.S.

Financial institutions such as banks, savings associations, trust companies, and insurance companies can learn valuable information on our website about meeting their collateral requirements and working effectively with our office. Florida governmental agencies can learn about BCM's services and determine if our office can administer collateral or safekeeping programs for their agency. Lastly, interested individuals can learn more about how BCM’s services benefit the citizens of Florida. Click on the topics below for more information.

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Telephone at (850) 413-3167

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Bureau of Collateral Management
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Bureau of Collateral Management
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