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As an educated and informed consumer, you can serve as your best advocate. This is why ICA Tasha Carter prioritizes consumer education on insurance matters. Being knowledgeable about insurance empowers you to make informed decisions. You understand the insurance products being offered to you and are able to make a decision on the product that best meets you and your family’s needs. You are aware of the insurance claims process and know what to expect. For many, filing a homeowners insurance claim, for example, is a once in a lifetime occurrence and you may be unfamiliar with the process. As your advocate, ICA Tasha Carter focuses on educating you on the process and outlining the expectations.

The more knowledgeable you are as an insurance consumer, the less likely you are to fall victim to insurance scams; you are more apt to prepare and protect your property with the proper coverage; and are savvier with navigating the claims process if needed.

Consumer Education Resources

Alternative Dispute Resolution Options: A Guide to Resolving Insurance Claim Disputes Prior to Legal Action

Alternative Dispute Resolution Options

A guide to your options resolving insurance claim disputes prior to taking legal action.


Assignment of Benefits Consumer Protection Tips Brochure

 Assignment of Benefits Consumer Protection Tips

An overview of Assignment of Benefits (AOB) and what you should know before signing an agreement. 

Consumer Resource Guide

Consumer Resource Guide

A reference of insurance-related agencies and organizations available to help.

Disaster Preparation Checklist Brochure

Disaster Preparation Checklist

With the threat of a tropical storm, hurricane or other disaster, preparation is vital.

Disaster Recovery Checklist

Disaster Recovery Checklist

There are some immediate, pertinent actions to take to secure your safety and begin your insurance claims process as quickly as possible after a disaster.

Flood Insurance - Know What To Do After A Flood Guide

Flood Insurance: Know What To Do After A Flood

Guidance and direction regarding flooding, the flood insurance claims process, and resources to obtain additional flood information.

Flood Insurance - Myths & Facts Guide

Flood Insurance: Myths & Facts

Flood Insurance myths and the facts that disprove them to ensure you have properly protected one of your greatest assets.   


Food Spoilage Coverage on Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Food Spoilage Coverage on Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Frequently Asked Questions regarding homeowners insurance policy food spoilage coverage after a disaster or power outage.

Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights Guide

Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights Guide

An overview of your rights and responsibilities as a homeowners insurance policyholder in the insurance claims process.

Insurance Fraud and Scams Brochure

Insurance Fraud and Scams 

Beware and protect yourself from these insurance fraud schemes and scams.

Working with a Public Adjuster Consumer Tips Guide

Working With A Public Adjuster

An overview of your legal rights when working with a Public Adjuster and the Public Adjuster's responsibilities. 

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