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Statutes & Administrative Rules

It is important that all Employers and Insurers approved to provide claims adjusting, safety engineering and loss control services, become knowledgeable with Florida’s statutes and rules that govern Qualified Servicing Entities (QSE). Failure to comply with these rules may result in penalties being assessed to the carrier. These rules establish the application and termination process, annual reporting requirements and civil penalties for the late reporting of essential information. Active QSE’s or entities applying to become a QSE should review and comply with the below requirements, forms, rules and statutes.


  • Application Process (69L-5.229, F.A.C.)
  • Qualified Servicing Entity Annual Report
  • Reporting Requirements by Qualified Servicing Entity (69L-5.216, F.A.C. & 69L-5.230, F.A.C.)
    • Contracting with a Qualified Servicing Entity (69L-5.230, F.A.C.)
    • Qualified Servicing Entity must submit a completed Form SI-19, Certification of Servicing for Self-Insurers:
      • Within 30 days of entering into a servicing contract (69L-5.230(1), F.A.C.)
      • Within 30 days of a change in servicing arrangement (69L-5.216(2), F.A.C.)
      • Within 30 days of the expiration of the contract (69L-5.216(3), F.A.C.)
      • For contracts that are continuous or have terms greater than 3 years, Form SI-19 must be submitted no later than 3 years and 30 days from the date of submission of the prior Form SI-19 (69L-5.216(3), F.A.C.)
  • Current Self-Insurers and Former Self-Insurers choosing to use their own employees to provide these services must obtain prior approval from the Department and shall submit Form SI-19 (69L-5.216(2), F.A.C.)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Technical Requirements (69L-56, F.A.C.)