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BE SURE TO ALLOW ADEQUATE TIME FOR YOUR LICENSE APPLICATION TO BE REVIEWED. Chapter 497.167(9), Florida Statutes, requires an application to be complete at least 25 days in advance of a regularly scheduled board meeting to be considered by the board at such meeting. The Licensing Unit has internal deadlines for identifying application deficiencies, processing completed applications and submitting applications for board action.

Application processing begins when an application is received in the Licensing Unit. All requirements must be received, reviewed and acted upon two weeks prior to the next board meeting. Board agendas are then produced and all processed applications and documents are copied and submitted to the board members for their review one week prior to the board meeting.


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Online License Renewal

You may have recently received a notice regarding online license renewal using our LICENSEE DATABASE SYSTEM. For instructions on renewing your license using this system, we have created a special interactive tutorial.

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Please note: The online renewal process may not function properly on some mobile devices such as phones or tablets.


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Online Quarterly Preneed Remittance System
through Eappoint (PNRS)

You may have recently received a notice regarding the new online PNRS system now available through eAppoint. For further instructions on how to use this new system, we have created manual user guides for Servicing Agents and Appointing Entities for further reference and use.

Click one of the following to download the appropriate user guide:


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Profile Instructions

To find out how to create a new user profile, update your current profile or retrieve a lost username or password, watch our tutorial.

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