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Executive Steering Committee Meetings

Materials from the Project’s Executive Steering Committee meetings will be posted here. These materials may include presentations, meeting minutes, and other documents used or referenced during committee meetings. Materials are organized chronologically starting with the most recent event. Select the meeting date below to view associated documents and information.


The ESC is comprised of 17 members from multiple State of Florida Agencies. The current committee structure is:

Executive Steering Committee


The Florida PALM Project’s (Project) Governance is organized into two Tiers with specific roles and responsibilities delegated to each Tier. The first Tier (Tier 1) consists of the Project Director. The Project Director is charged with managing the Project in conformance with the approved Project Management Plan (PMP) and the Florida Information Technology Project Management and Oversight Standards, Rule 60GG-1, F.A.C. Tier 2 consists of the Florida PALM Executive Steering Committee (ESC).

Decisions involving the following three areas will be made by the ESC:

  1. Scope – Changes affecting the addition or removal of the approved Project requirements as identified in Attachment 5.1 of the SSI Contract;
  2. Schedule – Changes impacting due dates of Major Project Deliverables or Stage Gate dates; and
  3. Cost – Changes resulting in request for funds from the Legislative Budget Committee (LBC) or cost changes to each Deliverable over $250,000.

The ESC Charter and a brief Project History can help familiarize you with the Executive Steering Committee and Project.


The Florida PALM Project (Project) utilizes two entities for Project oversight. The first (as required in the Proviso) is the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) contractor. They perform a monthly assessment of the Project against established contract criteria and best practices and provide recommendations for maintaining or improving the health of the Project.

The second oversight entity is the Florida Digital Service (FL [DS]) (as authorized by Rule 60GG-1, Florida Administrative Code [F.A.C.]). FL [DS] evaluates the Project based on established criteria in Rule 60GG-1, F.A.C.

The data collected by IV&V, FL [DS], and the Project will be represented in a Project Oversight Analysis Executive Summary Report, providing a comparison of the Project’s performance rating alongside those provided by FL [DS] and IV&V. The quarterly generated reports are listed below.